Safe Disposal

Never pour pesticides down the sink, toilet or drains

From time to time you may find that you have a Garden Care Chemical that needs to be disposed of safely and responsibly. This can either be as a result of making up too much diluted product or an old unwanted product that has lingered in the garden shed for a long time.

It is easy to think that the product can be disposed of safely through the household water system by pouring down the sink, toilet or drains. However this route of disposal can lead to environmental contamination and  damage as under some circumstances household water can go directly into surface water or it may have an impact on the environment via your household waste treatment plant.

For diluted product work out how much you need and try not make up too much.  Any small amount remaining can be used up as per the label of the product.

For the original product always dispose of unused product in its original container at a households waste site that takes garden care products. Use this website to find the nearest site for you.